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Stevie (and Apollo!)

Stevie is a troublemaking little punk with her own pet skunk! She is an authentic Simply Mango RBL base doll with a Monique Magnifique (RBL) scalp that has been given a cut to a fun, free bob! Apollo the skunk has a removable leash with a lobster clasp, and a chain collar. Stevie will come clothed in a dress not pictured.
The adoption cost for Stevie and Apollo is SOLD– which includes US Shipping! Ask for an international quote. :)
Here is a list of the work I did on her:
-original makeup sanded/face matted
-lips/nose completely carved and reshaped
-lips recolored with high quality pastel
-quality pastels used for blushing and eyeshadow
-my signature painted eyelashes around the eyes, and lush new eyelashes swapped in
-beauty marks
-eyelids done in acrylic and sealed with msc and gloss
-sealed with MSC
-septum ring added
-boggled / gaze corrected
-sleep eyes added
-new pullstrings with special beads and charms added- laser cut /handpainted wood kitty pullcharms at the bottom :D
-She has two pairs of handpainted enlarged pupil chips by myself, as well as two pairs of Snowflake Sonata chips that have been handpainted from behind to alter the color.
-She has blushing and a tattoo added to her takara body.
She will come with Apollo and his removable leash in a cute dress (not pictured) – and can come with her Happibug helmet for $35 extra, and/or her guitar for $13 extra. Let me know if you're interested in either of these with her.
She will also come packaged with a bunch of Love Note Studios postcard prints, a few stickers, and a few laser cut goodies and surprises :)

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