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"Our Waters" - Solo Art Show

Reception: Nov 4th, 2023 6PM-10PM - photos coming soon!
RSVP FOR FREE to guarantee entry!  Limited capacity 200 people max.

Artwork on display Nov 3rd 2023 - Nov 6th 2023
@ Outfit Brewing, Dallas, TX - 7135 John W. Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247
Hosted at the phenomenal Outfit Brewing, "Our Waters" explores the shallow end and the depths of what water means to me as an artist and a human.

Water can be cleansing, relaxing, inspiring and calm - it can also be overwhelming, dangerous, controlling, and melancholy.  Water doesn't forget, it has memory as it cycles from our oceans and rivers to the sky, back down to nourish our landscapes and crops.  Water has forever challenged, fascinated, and delighted humankind as we have interacted with it overtime.

Featuring over 30 original paintings, limited 1st edition prints, tote bags, stickers and more- there is lots to explore at Outfit Brewing during this "Our Waters" showcase.


For questions or inquiries about the artwork on display, feel free to contact me via email.
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