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"Yin + Yang : Fear + Hope" - 60" x 48" original acrylic painting on canvas

"Yin + Yang : Fear + Hope" is a 60"x 48" original acrylic painting on 1.5" depth wrapped canvas.
There is a long way to go in the fight for women's rights... The battle comes with a mixture of complex feelings.  For me personally, I was able to boil it down to FEAR and HOPE.  They could not be more opposite feelings, and yet together, they mean that much more.  I started this piece after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing, and it came from a place of fear.  I couldn't bring myself to finish the piece, it was too heavy for me, so I left it unfinished in my studio for months.  On January 20th 2021, President Joe Biden was sworn in and within 24 hours, he restored protection to trans folks, and gave us all a bit of hope that we'd been lacking for the past four years.  That hope inspired me to complete the piece, and I believe the hope prevails as the more dominant feeling.
There are two delivery options- Local Pickup in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, or Shipping within the Continental United States.  If you would like a quote on International Shipping, feel free to ask.
If you have any questions regarding this original painting, or my shipping/local pick up processes, please contact me via email.
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