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Thank you for your interest in my Illustration work!

I take freelance and commission projects.  STATUS: OPEN!

Current commission style(s) available:    Sweetheart Chibis! ♥


- $95 per character (only taking up to two characters per slot right now!)

- I draw Sweetheart Chibis at a very large scale, you will recieve the fullsize digital file in both .jpg and .png formats.  (JPG images have a white background, PNG images have a transparent background.

- You are free to use art commissioned from me for any personal use that you wish.  You may NOT use art commissioned from me on products or for sale purposes (unless we come to a special agreement.)

- I can draw your doll, yourself, your child, etc...results are best when provided good reference photos!

- If you have any special pose requests, I am absolutely happy to discuss- but best results are achieved when I have more creative freedom :)

- Please give a few weeks for completion.  Each piece is done from scratch and with all my heart and soul!  I want to make your art as special as possible, so thank you for your patience in allowing me to bring the characters to life with love! ♥


- Boys.  I know, I know!  I'm sorry!  I am currently not accepting commissions to draw boy characters. ♥

- FANART.  Please do not ask me to draw existing comic characters, celebrities, etc.. I used to accept fanart commissions but I have officially stopped doing so.

- Eroticism.  I have done nude chibis when the naughty bits are covered by the pose they're in... But I will not do full on nudity or eroticism.

- Anthromorphic characters.  I am happy to do cat ears or bunny ears, etc. - but not full on furry/scaly characters.


Please contact me at or add and message me on facebook at to ask any further questions, or to claim a slot!



1.  Shanny Sly

2. open

Here are some examples of the kind of work you can expect! ♥♥♥  (Scroll down for an example of how big the illustrations are at fullsize!)


Finished recent commissions:

Miss Hawaii

Miss Hawaii



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