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Please keep in mind- I have messed up a scalp or two myself!  This is not a difficult tutorial to complete, but mistakes do happen.  Try this out at your own risk.  If you're nervous about trying it out, try working on a "practice" scalp first- one with a bad haircut, or from a TBL.
Step 1 - Supplies
Get a pack of poor quality (yes, you read that right!) tiny rubber bands from Walgreens, Target, CVS etc.  You want the rubber bands to be lower quality to make it easier towards the end. ;)  You will also need a hairbrush, water and a way to heat it, a freezer, a hairdryer, and of course the scalp you plan to “fro”.

Step 2 - Do the Twist
Decide which parts of the hair you want to turn into a ‘fro.  I tend to leave straight bangs straight, so if you plan leave some hair as is, make sure to leave it alone in this step.  For the rest of the hair- you must twist each small section of hair into a tight, tiny bun, and secure the bun using a rubber band.  As you can see in this example pic, I often twist multiple rubber bands into nearby buns and intertwine them to better secure the buns.  Keep twisting and securing until all the hair you plan to ‘fro is in little buns!
Step 3 - Bring the Heat, then Keep it Cool
Make SURE the scalp / dome is removed from the dolly for this step!  Boil some water, and -carefully- pour it over your dolly’s head in the sink.  Using a colander is a great way to do this without splashing boiling water on yourself!  I like to pour super cold water over it after that, and do another round of boiling water, but I don’t know if it makes much of a difference honestly.  After this, place your scalp in a bowl, and leave it in the freezer for a few hours!  I’ve seen good results after leaving the scalp in for 3+ hours.
Yes, I had multiple tubs of ice cream in the freezer when I took this.  Sorry not sorry!
Step 4 - Dry, Oh, Dry!
This step can be a bit nervewracking- but just roll with it!  Take a hairdryer on regular or high heat (not low!) and hairdry SUPER close to the hair.  Don’t keep the hairdryer in one place too long- move it around and make sure it heats all of the buns multiple times.  The goal is to slightly, barely melt the plastic irreversibly.
Step 5 - Brush Up
Take each bun out one-by-one and brush it out.  It’s not like “teasing” the hair, just brushing it out.  Super simple!  This is the step where it helps if the hair bands break easily- since you have to undo all of them, it is often easier to snap them than try and undo ‘em.  You’ll start to see the ‘fro forming- and once you’ve got all those lil’ buns brushed out, viola!  You can start styling and playing with your ‘fro! 
If you try out this tutorial, please share with me what you create at!  Feel free to add me on Facebook, and follow me on Instagram.
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