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"feel too bold" - 16" diameter original acrylic painting on canvas

"feel too bold" is a 16" diameter original acrylic painting on a round canvas.
Part of the "Feel" series, this piece explores the frustration experienced by women of color, who have to hold back so much of themselves to make others comfortable every day.  Women of color are, sadly, stereotyped regularly and without a second thought. 
Don't speak up, or you're "loud".  Don't make jokes, or you're "sassy".  Don't use slang, or you're "ghetto".
Often, the safest way to retain professional respect and avoid being stereotyped / "put in a box" is to withhold personality, to quiet down instead of standing up for oneself, etc.
There are two delivery options- Local Pickup in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, or Shipping within the Continental United States.  If you would like a quote on International Shipping, feel free to ask.
If you have any questions regarding this original painting, or my shipping/local pick up processes, please contact me via email.


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