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"Eclipse" - 36" x 36" original acrylic painting on canvas

"Eclipse" is a 36"x 36" original acrylic painting on 1.5" depth wrapped canvas.
When experiencing something drastic, traumatic, or life altering, the human reaction varies.  Fight or flight?  Avoidance or acceptance?  This piece explores the depths that these moments can take a person to, so deep and dark into reflection and introspection that they are compelled to burn and toss aside a past self that no longer serves them.  From that darkness emerges something more powerful - a turning point and a rebirth.
There are two delivery options- Local Pickup in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, or Shipping within the Continental United States.  If you would like a quote on International Shipping, feel free to ask.
If you have any questions regarding this original painting, or my shipping/local pick up processes, please contact me via email.
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