Dakota is one of my Blythecon Chicago (Oct 2015) girls.  This mysterious little dolly is a Cinnamon girl EBL base doll with a full wensleydale reroot. Her hair is more coarse than mohair, full, texturized, and brimming with personality!! I loved working on a cinnamon girl. She is a rare base doll with a gorgeous tan.
-She has a MAGNETIC UNICORN HORN that attaches to her forehead! It's fully removable from her forehead, and has a fabric bottom that prevents scratching to her faceup.
Dakota will be priced at SOLD.
Here is a list of the work I did on her:
-special unicorn horn HANDMADE from sheet copper, soldered and brought to a finish by myself, magnet and fabric bottom added, then colored with black sparkling enamel
-magnet added inside forehead for attachment
-original makeup sanded/face matted
-lips/nose completely carved and reshaped
-lips recolored with high quality pastel
-special markings around eyes and forehead carefully handpainted and sealed with MSC
-quality pastels used for blushing and eyeshadow
-my signature painted eyelashes around the eyes, and lush new eyelashes swapped in
-beauty marks
-eyelids done in pastel + carefully handpainted designs
-blushing on back of head, signed and dated
-black gem ”piercings” and matching earrings added
-sealed with MSC
-boggled / gaze corrected
-new pullstring with special beads and charms added
-She has two pairs of handpainted enlarged pupil chips by myself, as well as one pair handcast black sparkle resin chips by myself, and one pair brainworm with color foil backing.
-Since her body was stained, she has a new Sunshine Holiday takara body that matches her skintone perfectly. I added blushing on the neck and torso to match her blushing on her face.
She will come with a cute little dress by Ellie Moe.
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