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Chrysanthemum is one of my Blythecon Chicago (Oct 2015) girls.  
This little blossom is an Ichigo Heaven with a brand new licca body. She has a lovely fro hairstyle done by myself! It is so fun to style and play with, and a very unique style.
Chrystanthemum will be priced at SOLD.
Here is a list of the work I did on her:
-original makeup sanded/face matted
-lips/nose completely carved and reshaped, lips carved all the way through with an open mouth
-teeth handsculpted and added in mouth
-lips recolored with high quality pastel
-quality pastels used for blushing and eyeshadow
-my signature painted eyelashes around the eyes, and lush new eyelashes swapped in
-pretty eyelids done in pastel with cute flowers
-blushing and drawing on back of head, signed and dated
-sealed with MSC
-lightly boggled / gaze corrected
-sleep eyes
-new pullstrings with special beads and charms added
-She has three pairs of handpainted enlarged pupil chips by myself, as well as one pair handcast blue sparkle resin chips by myself.
-She will come on a licca body. The body is slightly peachier, but it matches her blushy tones nicely, and the difference is ever so slight.
She will come with a cute little dress by Ellie Moe.
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