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This sweetheart is an authentic Prarie Posie RBL base doll with a gorgeous alpaca reroot.  Not sure who it's by- but it's thick and SO beautiful!  Carina comes with the sweater and shorts she's pictured in, and a few Love Note Studios goodies- a surprise print of one of my illustrations, some postcard prints, and a few stickers. ;)
The adoption cost for Carina is SOLD – which includes US Shipping! Please add $20 for international shipping. :)
Here is a list of the work I did on her:
-original makeup sanded/face matted
-lips/nose completely carved and reshaped
-lips recolored with high quality pastel, sealed with msc
-gloss added
-quality pastels used for blushing and eyeshadow
-my signature painted eyelashes around the eyes, and new eyelashes swapped in
-a few beauty marks added
-eyelids done in pastel with gloss + etched pattern
-faceup and signed backplate sealed with MSC
-boggled / gaze corrected
-sleep eyes added
-new pullstrings with special beads and charms added
-She has four pairs of handpainted chips by myself
Please feel free to contact me at with any questions :)
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