Bluebell - "Blue"

Blue marches to the beat of her own drum.  She's a girly girl, a hippie, and a flower child all rolled into one- and she won't quit until everyone in the room is smiling!  
Blue is an authentic Dainty Biscuit base doll with a Zinochika scalp that has been texturized using my "Doll Hair 'Fro" technique! Bluebell comes in her own custom packaging with a BUNCH of goodies- keep reading to find out more, and make sure to check out the photo gallery below!!
The adoption cost for Bluebell is SOLD – which includes US Shipping! Feel free to ask  for an international shipping quote. :)
Here is a list of the work I did on her:
-original makeup sanded/face matted
-lips/nose completely carved and reshaped
-teeth hand-sculpted and added inside her little mouth
-lips recolored with high quality pastel, sealed with msc and gloss added
-quality pastels used for blushing and eyeshadow
-my signature painted eyelashes around the eyes, and lush new eyelashes swapped in
-freckles added
-eyelids done in acrylic and sealed with msc
-faceup and signed backplate sealed with MSC
-scalp texturized using my 'fro technique
-boggled / gaze corrected
-sleep eyes added
-new blue pullstrings with special beads and charms added
-She has two pairs of handpainted enlarged pupil chips by myself, as well as two pairs of brainworm chips
-switched in a brand new licca body
Bluebell comes with her grey sweater, patchwork maxi dress, original Bohemian Beats Again Takara boots, pink flower crown, plaid scarf and bow hair accessory, handmade necklaces and bracelets, custom garden stand, little pink handbag, Blythe magazine given out at BC Dallas in 2012, custom stickers made just for her, and TWO 11x14 prints of the custom artwork I did.  Keep in mind, Bluebell is a customized art doll and is not factory perfect.  Bluebell and all of her goodies will come packaged with a few Love Note Studios postcard prints in the custom display box pictured :)
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